ProMOTION Plus and Sport BC

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Celebrating and Supporting BC Women and Girls in Sport and Physical Activity

For 28 years, 1990 to 2018, ProMOTION Plus was the British Columbia organization for girls and women in physical activity and sport.  It was established as a non-profit society in 1990 and was unique in Canada at the time, being only one of three provincial organizations in Canada dedicated to increasing opportunities for girls and women in the sport and recreation delivery system.  Founding members of the organization are passionate, committed women, including Bobbie Steen, Marion Lay, Bryna Kopelow, Patti Hunter, Paula Pick and Janna Taylor.

In March, 2019, ProMOTION Plus merged with Sport BC and has become a key operating committee of the organization.  Working with Sport BC’s members, we are assured that girls and women in sport and physical activity in BC will have the critical resources and access to expertise they are seeking in their respective sport.

ProMOTION Plus works closely with organizations such as CAAWS (Canadian Association for Women and Girls and Sport and Physical Activity), BCRPA (BC Recreation and Parks Association), BC Games Society, ViaSport, Provincial Sport Organizations, and the BC Sports Hall of Fame on projects, events and programs to meet gender equity goals while supporting the efforts of communities to encourage more women and girls to be more active more often.

Strategic Pillars:

Recognition: ProMOTION Plus identifies and recognizes girls and women who are achieving in the areas of physical activity and sport as great role models and sources of inspiration. Recognition brings attention to the great contributions that are being made every day to help girls and women lead healthy, active lives and shows us what is possible when we take action. Annual programs include In Her Footsteps, the Bobbie Steen Foundation Legacy Award, BC Games Leadership Awards and Squash BC’s Emerging Female Leaders in Squash Awards.

Consultation: ProMOTION Plus is a leader and innovator in the field of gender equity with a breadth of knowledge and experience concerning the experiences of girls and women in physical activity and sport. We bring the needs and interests of girls and women across the province to the table with the purpose of finding solutions to current challenges.

Education: The core of the ProMOTION Plus vision is the message that physical activity makes girls and women healthier and happier. Healthy girls and women are good for our society. ProMOTION Plus is reaching people in BC with information that has the potential to change lives.

Development: ProMOTION Plus also focuses energy on leadership and skill development for women in the sport and recreation field. Our development goal is to increase our numbers, broaden our support base and strengthen our voice so that we can share our vision with as many people as possible.

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