2016 Bobbie Steen Awards

The 2016 Bobbie Steen Legacy Foundation Award winner is Rebecca Stephen.

Becca has been a member of Girl Guides of Canada for the past 26 years, having been involved not only as a girl but also as a Junior Leader and Guide.

In these roles she has modeled a healthy active lifestyle, encouraging the girls in her units to consider healthy options and to be active.

For the past two years, she has also taken on the role of Program Advisor for the Lougheed area.

Through this position she has increased her volunteer role to help support and train local guiders who are working with girls in her area.

As a program advisor she has also volunteered at large provincial events and has helped create and contribute to many resources for BC guiders.

Among them is contributing to the BC guiders newsletter, The Pipeline.

She has been actively creating an atmosphere that not only empowers to seek an active lifestyle, she has also been empowering leaders across BC to do the same, thus reaching girls in all regions across BC.