2004 Bobbie Steen Awards

The Bobbie Steen Legacy Foundation Award of $1,000 is awarded to an Emerging Leader to further their education or to support programming which champions Women in the area of Sport and Physical Activity.

The 2004 Emerging Leader is Alan Anderson

Alan Anderson is man from Princeton, BC who loves the game of hockey.

He has been involved in hockey in Princeton for years whether it’s organizing the leagues or playing in them. His passion and support for the game of hockey is recognizable when you see him at every minor hockey game from Tykes to Midget.

In September 2003, Alan was approached by a group of girls ages 11 to 14 to see if he would be willing to teach them the game and help them in conditioning for the sport. Alan is developing a program for them so they can develop all the skills necessary to perform on and off the ice. Every Friday from 5-6pm Alan gives up his time to actively engage young girls in a sport that promotes sportsmanship, physical activity and healthy lifestyles. In addition to their hockey training Alan has designed a weekly conditioning program for the girls to maintain their fitness. The biggest issue for Alan’s program is lack of funding for equipment such as hockey pads, pants, gloves and helmets. The Bobbie Steen Legacy Foundation grant will allow Alan to purchase this equipment necessary to keep the program alive for next season.

  • Program began September 2003 15 young ladies signed up
  • Number dropped to 9 due to lack of hockey equipment
  • Girls playing this year borrowed left over equipment from Minor Hockey or from their older siblings.
  • His ultimate goal is to have a place for the girls to become skilled and confident enough to join the Princeton Minor Hockey League on current teams or on a girl’s team.
  • Not many girls only sports programs available in Princeton.
  • More girls are keen to play next year but lack of equipment makes it untouchable to most.
  • Program is free of charge to the girls.
  • Basic equipment $250.00 (i.e. pucks, water bottles, first-aid kits tape etc.) covered through community support.
  • Ice Rental $960.00 Donated from the Arena.


The Bobbie Steen Award of Excellence was created to acknowledge an individual who demonstrates exemplary leadership in sport and recreation making a contribution to promote opportunities for girls and women who serve as an outstanding role model.

The 2004 recipient of the Bobbie Steen Award of Excellence is Bill Holden

Bill Holden has watched for years as women progress through the difficult ranks of competitive cycling. With Bill’s enthusiasm and hard work he created the Category 4 Novice Women’s Road Race Series for entry-level competitors. His main objective for the Series was to introduce the sport of road racing to female competitors in a fun and friendly environment. Racers collect points earned by finishing an event, that lead to an Overall Championship. Participation grew from 5 participants at the beginning to close to 50 by the end of the Championship, with many progressing onto higher levels of competition. The series was such a huge success that Victoria is creating a similar series, which in turn will bring a higher number of women into the sport. Bill will use the grant to pursue his NCCP/CBET certification and continue his involvement in the sport he demonstrates such great passion for.

  • Currently Level 1 road coach.
  • Bill started a very active website promoting the Race Series


  • Website caters to unique needs of entry-level female athletes; identifies programs, team rides, training tips, Series results and current standings.
  • Bill sought sponsorship for the Series, and created trophies and recognition items for top contestants
  • Due to the tremendous popularity of this program and volume of women involved in the sport, Cycling BC is hosting its first Women’s Cycling Conference February 7th.